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Example : Ten most of common female cancers

Types of cancer

Cancer can occur in any organ of the body (except my hair teeth and nails to germinate, were not only the cancer) on pathology. ล์ Cancer is a name known to the different types of cells. Or tissue origin. Easy to understand cancer or tumor is divided into 2 types of terrorism is their major.
1. Cancer of the pulp pad. (CarlSinoMa) both external and internal membrane personnel such as cancer of the oral membrane pad. Bush membrane tract and respiratory membrane matrix and skin with Bush. These common cancers.Unique and is often spread by currents to yellow before the blood flow is therefore likely to disappear easily maintain. Both by surgery or radiation therapy.
2. Cancer tissue. (Coast to Paxar) such as. Cancer of the nervous system, muscles, fat, bone cancer, etc. They tend to be spread to the bloodstream quickly. And on average will be found in people younger than the cancer membrane pad.

Cancer and 2 of them are violent to different diseases. Some are not very intense. Gradual. And patients can live many years even if they do not receive any treatment. Some very intense. Although it may be just beginning to spread quickly. And sometimes detect cancers that are caused by secondary spread. Prior to detect primary cancer as well have.
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