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The average life expectancy for somebody with lung cancer is variable, and it depends on the T and M staging for your lung cancer. Overall, for all stages combined, the overall life expectancy is about 13 %. So that's a very low figure, but if we look at some of the earlier stages, for instance stage 1A, these patients have a five year survival of anywhere between 60% to 80%. So it's a large spectrum; the prognosis depends very much on your disease stage.
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Lung cancer can be divided into four stages

Stage 1

This means the cancer is small and localised and there is no cancer in any lymph nodes.

Stage 1 can be divided into 1A and 1B. Stage 1A means the tumour is small (up to 3cm). Stage 1B means the cancer is between 3 to 5cm. It has not spread into any lymph nodes or any other part of the body.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is divided into stages 2A and 2B.

Stage 2A means that the cancer is

  • Between 5 and 7cm but there are no cancer cells in any lymph nodes OR
  • 5cm or less and there are cancer cells in the lymph nodes close to the affected lung

Stage 2B means that the cancer is

  • Larger than 7cm but there are no cancer cells in any lymph nodes OR
  • Between 5 and 7cm and there are cancer cells in the lymph nodes close to the affected lung OR
  • Not in any lymph nodes but has spread into one or more of the following areas - the chest wall, the muscle under the lung (diaphragm), the phrenic nerve or the layers that cover the heart (mediastinal pleura and parietal pericardium) OR
  • In the main airway (bronchus) close to where it divides to go into each lung OR
  • Making part of the lung collapse OR
  • Any size but there is more than one tumour in the same lobe of the lung

Stage 3

Stage 3 is divided into stages 3A and 3B. In this stage, the whole of the affected lung may have collapsed or may be inflamed due to the build up of mucus.

Stage 3A means that the cancer is

  • In the lymph nodes close to the lung and the cancer is bigger than 7cm or has spread into one or more of the following areas - the chest wall, the muscle under the lung (diaphragm), or the layers that cover the heart (mediastinal pleura and parietal pericardium) OR
  • Any size but has spread into lymph nodes close to the heart and main airway on the same side of the chest as the affected lung OR
  • Any size but has grown into another major structure in your chest, which could be the heart, the windpipe (trachea), the food pipe (oesophagus), the nerve that goes to the voicebox, a spinal bone or a main blood vessel. There may also be cancer cells in lymph nodes close to the affected lung OR
  • In more than one lobe of the same lung and may have spread into lymph nodes close to the affected lung

Stage 3B cancer means that the cancer is

  • Any size and has spread into lymph nodes on the opposite side of the chest OR
  • In the lymph nodes at the centre of the chest (mediastinum) and has spread into one or more of the following areas - the chest wall, the muscle under the lung (diaphragm), , the layers that cover the heart (mediastinal pleura and parietal pericardium) or a major structure in your chest (which could be the heart, the windpipe, the foodpipe or a main blood vessel).

Stage 4

This means that the cancer

  • Is in both lungs OR
  • Has spread to another part of your body - for example, the liver or bones OR
  • Has caused a fluid collection around your lung or heart that contains cancer cells (a malignant pleural effusion or pericardial effusion).
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Lung cancer
is a disease that hits
and the leading cause of death in the primary. Both men and women and the incidence of this is growing rapidly, especially in female patients with lung cancer 90 per cent caused by smoking. This can be prevented natural biology of lung cancer. Made when patients begin to experience symptoms while the disease progression in stage. And spread. 90 Result in patients approximately 90 per cent. Death from cancer within 1-2 years of lung cancer found in elderly patients aged 50-75 years, the majority of smokers volume and estimated percentage. 5 who have inhaled smoke from other people who inhaled smoke from others is the risk of lung cancer increased 26 % of the roll of tobacco smoking and type of cigarettes per day. That smoking rates are associated with risk of lung cancer who smoke are 15 percent of lung cancer within 30 years if quit smoking can reduce the risk of lung cancer caused by remaining as a non-smoking within 15 years.
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Example : Ten most of common female cancers

Types of cancer

Cancer can occur in any organ of the body (except my hair teeth and nails to germinate, were not only the cancer) on pathology. ล์ Cancer is a name known to the different types of cells. Or tissue origin. Easy to understand cancer or tumor is divided into 2 types of terrorism is their major.
1. Cancer of the pulp pad. (CarlSinoMa) both external and internal membrane personnel such as cancer of the oral membrane pad. Bush membrane tract and respiratory membrane matrix and skin with Bush. These common cancers.Unique and is often spread by currents to yellow before the blood flow is therefore likely to disappear easily maintain. Both by surgery or radiation therapy.
2. Cancer tissue. (Coast to Paxar) such as. Cancer of the nervous system, muscles, fat, bone cancer, etc. They tend to be spread to the bloodstream quickly. And on average will be found in people younger than the cancer membrane pad.

Cancer and 2 of them are violent to different diseases. Some are not very intense. Gradual. And patients can live many years even if they do not receive any treatment. Some very intense. Although it may be just beginning to spread quickly. And sometimes detect cancers that are caused by secondary spread. Prior to detect primary cancer as well have.
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Cancer's Cell

Cancer is a group of diseases that occur because the body's cells have abnormalities in DNA or genetic material. Affect cell growth. Is to increase the number of cells split faster than usual and therefore can cause abnormal lump. And eventually they will.Causing death of cells in the lump. Due to lack of blood to the party because of the growth of blood vessels. If these cells occur in any organ cancer to name the organs such as lung cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, lymphoma leukocytes. Skin cancer and so on.

As reported in this cancer as those found in the human body has more than 100 types of cancer, each will have. The disease is not the same as lung cancer, brain cancer is the type of disease severity of patients will have shorter life survival of skin cancer patients, etc..

Therefore, each type of cancer treatment will be different. Treatments are different. Depending on the organ cancer. Stage of cancer and physical fitness. Of cancer patients. Treatment is difficult or easy it depends on the type of cancer and. The disease of cancer, such as lymphoma. Skin cancer , easier to maintain than lung cancer, brain cancer, etc..

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Welcome to Cancer Life Expectancy Blog.

What is Life Expectancy?

The average number of years, which is calculated from life tables. Estimated that one person will live next. If a death rate that is very old in years, used to create a life table unchanged.

To calculate the average age expected for such age.
- Estimated average age at first birth.
- Estimated average age at 20 years old.
- Estimated average age at 60 years old.

Cancer with Life Expectancy.

Everyone who got cancer want to live and live longer , include my grandmother.She got mouth cancer since 80 years old and now she is 86 years old.Once doctor said that my grandmother can live only 2 years (He said it since my grandmother was 81 years old).Now my grandmother is alive and very strong.She made me and a lot of cancer patients think that cancer may be looks dangerous when we know we got it.But If we look after ourselve good and have spirit and expectation to live , We'll live longer than we thought and longer than medical profession's expectancy!!

Don't be scare , This cancer life expectancy blog will help you and I'm your friend ^^

Good Luck.